What is Mary’s Center Donation Pick-Up?

Mary’s Center Donation Pick-up is our newest endeavor to facilitate our collection of in-kind donations.  We collect new and gently used clothing, shoes, and household items, and these donations provide funding for our health care, education, and social services programs. Mary’s Center cares about people as well as the environment and is partnering with B-Thrifty in order to expand our existing in-kind donation efforts.  This partnership will allow us to bring in more monetary and in-kind donations to support our participants in need, in addition to promoting environmental sustainability.

How does Mary’s Center Donation Pick-Up work?

Schedule a pick-up here or call toll free 1 (855) 250-3146, or send us an email at info@mcdonationpickup.org. Based on our pick-up calendar at your area, you will be asked what day and location you would like the pick-up to take place.
Our Logistics Team, headed by our courteous drivers, will pick up your donation on-time at the location you select and leave a tax receipt.

Your donation is completely tax deductible. In addition to the donation receipt provided at the pick-up, you may could want to request it later at any time via email at info@mcdonationpickup.org or telephone 1 (855) 250-3146. Please reference your donation pick-up order number when making inquiries for donation tax receipts.

Also drop off your donations directly in any of our Donation Center Locations.

Are donated items provided to Mary’s Center programs?

Yes.  Our mission is to collect as many in-kind donations as possible to benefit our programs.  Some items go directly to our participants free of charge and others are sold in B-Thrifty thrift stores or recycled. The proceeds from our partnership with B-Thrifty will support our programs as well.

What items does Mary’s Center Donation Pick-Up accept?

We accept new and gently used clothing, shoes, clothing accessories, household, seasonal items, travel, work, fashion jewelry and accessories, kitchenware, small home and personal appliances, small furniture, toys, games, musical instruments, sporting goods, small electronics and devices. For more details, see the PDF document –> (http://www.mcdonationpickup.org/mc/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Donation_Guidelines.pdf).

Does Mary’s Center Donation Pick-Up guarantee a time frame on your pickups?

Yes, donations will be picked up on your selected day anytime between 9:00am and 6:00pm.  You do not need to be present for the pick-up.  Donations may be left on your front steps or with the concierge of your building.

Does Mary’s Center make pick up for businesses and corporations?

Yes, but these types of pick-ups have different scheduling requirements, including different dates and times than regular donation pick-ups.  Please visit our website and call or email us at 1 (855) 250-3146; info@mcdonationpickup.org for further information. Click here to host a donation bin.