Our Community Donation Resource for fundraising Mary’s Center programs!

www.mcdonationpickup.org is a program resulting from the partnership between Mary’s Center and B-Thrifty to raise funds through the collection of donated new and gently used clothing, shoes, and household goods. These items are recycled and monetized to assist Mary’s Center in their mission to build better futures through the delivery of health care, education, and social services. Mary’s Center embraces culturally diverse communities to provide them with the highest quality of care, regardless of ability to pay.

Tax-deductible donations collected by Mary’s Center Donation Pick-up are sold to Project B-green and B-Thrifty thrift stores. These tax-deductible donations also support B-Thrifty programs such as “Free Clothes for Kids”, “Free learning material for schools” such as computers and monitors, and “Free Clothes for the most needed”.

New and gently used items that can be donated to support this initiative include clothing, shoes, jewelry/ accessories, household goods, seasonal items, kitchenware, small home and personal appliances, small furniture, toys, games, musical instruments, sporting goods, and small electronics and devices.


*Proceeds from BThrifty sales do not benefit any non-profit organization.